A New Communication Experience.

Easily Accessible

With the single movement operation, all the physical and digital complexities have been removed - no menus, no buttons, no procedures that need to be memorized! This allows the user who might not be so technologically literate, or might have problems with dexterity to experience various services and applications without ever having to navigate through a digital space.


Sharing your memories

Want to share the latest pictures you took at your trip with your parents or grandparents? Simply upload them on your IrisPhone account and your parents or grandparents will be notified that there are new photos in their photo album.



Safeguarding during emergencies

You and your loved ones can have ease of mind when you know that you will be instantly alerted in case of an emergency - the sensors will monitor the heart rate, blood pressure and sugar levels, fall detections, temperature changes, air quality and more.


The IrisPhone is an exciting re-introduction to the way we can interact with the smartphone.

Controlling the House Environment

As smart devices become even more embedded in our everyday lives, the IrisPhone will be able to locally and remotely connect to them, enhancing our users' lifestyles even more. This includes remote door and window un/locking, lights, air and temperature control, as well as other smart devices that are being introduced in the market.


Social Interaction

We all want to interact with others on a more personal level, and with the IrisPhone, our users will be able to do that with the people they know and love without having to trouble themselves with outdated, cumbersome methods. But we also want to implement an optional IrisPhone network so that our users can effortlessly strike a conversation with like-minded individuals.



Online browsing will also be possible, increasing our users' connectivity with technology and everything it has to offer. Initially, this will be possible via voice operation, but more accessible methods will be implemented in the future.



Quick Intro


The IrisPhone contents can be customized to suit each user's preferences. That means that more interactions can take place when they have been adjusted to the every day routine. Reminders can be set for appointments and tasks, new entertainment content can be shown at specific times and more frequent communications will make up for a more active and healthy life.


Treasuring the Past

There are so many stories that can be passed down from generation to generation, but some of them get lost along the way. With the IrisPhone we want to give our users the option to record their memories, their expertise and skills, so that their family can treasure them for many generations still to come.


Bridging the Generations

With the companion app we will create for Android and iOS, authorized family and carers can effortlessly interact with the IrisPhone user in a more frequent basis. There is so much knowledge to be shared by both parties, so why not make it easy to do so?


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The IrisPhone allows the easy playback of video or audio playlists, both locally and online. These playlists can be updated and customized by authorized family members or carers through a website or the companion app.


Photo albums, just as easily accessible, can also be remotely updated and customized according to preferences. More features will be added in the future to reflect what our users are asking for.





Placing calls has never been easier! No need to remember any numbers or speed dials, with your favourite contacts always easily accessible.


Short video messages can be just as easily sent and received, and text messages are audibly played back to the user. Loudspeaker mode is automatically employed if the phone is away from the user's ear.



House Control


Smart home integration and the internet of things will be a huge part of our lives in the coming years, and we plan for the IrisPhone to integrate with these devices for their remote and easy operation.


Some of the features will include temperature and air quality monitoring and remote door, window and light operation.





Manual and automatic emergency notification systems are customizable procedures that send messages with information about the emergency, and call multiple pre-selected contacts until someone responds. It sends messages again when the procedure has ended.


The automatic triggers depend on  environment and health sensors; some are pre-included, and others, embedded in a wearable device, will be optional.


Intuitive Operations

We centred our development on how to make the IrisPhone as intuitive and easy as possible. This means that every function can be treated by the system differently, depending on the user's surroundings and how the system was customized. For example, if there is no light and the user picks up the phone, it will switch on the flashlight, or the lights, for better visibility.


Ease of Mind

Through the IrisPhone, we strive to instil among our users a greater sense of security, increased connectivity and social inclusion, fully adapted to their needs. At the same time, their family, friends, and carers will also be more relaxed in knowing that their loved one can easily reach them no matter the situation.


Why did we create the IrisPhone?

The IrisPhone was created when we wanted to enrich our grandparents' lifestyles, by offering them a medium through which they would not have to be hindered by their lack of experience with technology. Our goal was to give them access to a range of features which they were already interested in, but had difficulty using.


About Us

iResTech Ltd, a Cyprus-based company, was formed in the spring of 2015, in order to continue the IrisPhone development. The company’s primary principles revolve around positive social impact, focusing on innovative solutions to enhance and ease people’s lifestyles, especially for marginalized sections of the population. We are currently partnered up with a large telecoms provider and expect to enter the market in the near future. If you’d like to receive more info, please use the contact details below.


The Team

Co-Founder, Creative & Technical Director

Markos Demetriou

Co-Founder, Managing Director

Polys Chrysouliotis


Panayiotis Philimis

Contact Info

If you wish to contact us, or have questions, please use the info below.


Address: 72, 28th October Street, Office 301, Egkomi, 2414, Nicosia.

P.O. Box 25190, 1307 Nicosia, Cyprus.


Emailsmarkos@irestech.net & polys@irestech.net

Telephone: (00357) 22 282898


Alternatively, you can also send us a message through the form below, or you can just add your name and email and hit submit if you wish to receive future updates.



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This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 719945.

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